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15 January 2009 @ 11:19 pm
Grissom rocks.
23 November 2008 @ 09:19 pm
I realize I haven't been online much and this is my first time to LJ in two months.

Does anyone know where my really hot journal layout went?  bonnieaw made it for me and it was WLP and it was just oh-so-great...GIVE IT BACK TO ME EVIL LIVEJOURNAL PTB!!!!
06 September 2008 @ 07:49 pm

You have got to see this...I laughed until I had tears running down my face.  The first 90 seconds are predictable, but after that...how many can you recognize?

16 June 2008 @ 02:54 am

This ended up being a bit longer than what I had planned and I had a hiccup with the video.  Enjoy the song and video!


04 May 2008 @ 02:04 pm

As most of you have probably guessed, I am working on catching up on some things online.  So I have been reading through a lot of journal posts and responding.  Anyway, I wanted to do a version of "Guess that quote" that is on the YTDAW.  What happened was I got about halfway through some journal postings and realized I should write the funny stuff down somewhere.  Please don't be offended if I didn't use something your wrote, I probably read it before I started keeping track!

These are some of the funnier comments I remembered to copy from different journals (and from a couple of fics).  As the author is guessed, I will add their name to the quote.  No fair cheating by clicking on my user info/friends. 

03 May 2008 @ 03:30 pm

I am now waiting for my dog to return home and I am stuck with very little to do.  I got to thinking about a couple of things and this ended up being a lot longer than what I thought it would be.  Sorry, no smut!